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Stepping Into Your Shine

In this 5-week course with Renee, you will learn new ideas and lay the foundation for your phenomenal future. During these sessions, you will discover who you are from the inside out through Renee’s guidance and a workbook that will outline your tasks and allow you to explore who you are at your core. You will be able to identify the diamond in you to develop your own story and move forth with grace and style.

Polishing The Diamond In You

Are you Tired of not FEELING Valued, Seen nor Heard?

If Yes, these are the sessions for you!!

Renee will help you uncover and explore who you are and what makes you shine and then teaches you week by week how to use your strengths and brilliance to elevate your life and your career. Elevation requires you to be intentional, with a plan of action, a solid network of individuals, and the drive to win. This course will give you what it takes to win. You’ll be supported and given the tools to fly.

Certify Your Brilliance

You know You have it! 

You are looking for Support and Validation to  

Certifying Your Brilliance

This 12-week course that gets to the core of who you are, the true diamond within, and unearths the strengths and power inside you. From that exploration and discovery, Renee will work with you to develop goals, strategies, and plans that will take your brilliance to the next level.


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